About Us

With over 10 years of experience in the travel markets, the team at Staybyus.com have joined to provide you with today’s way to enjoy a great hotel booking experience. 

Avrum Kraus and his son Zevi Kraus are behind Staybyus.com is a man with many years of experience in the travel, fashion and financial fields. Avrum has a passion for utilizing technology to advance in every field. With today’s travel totally fueled by technology, he has harnessed his wide range of technological know-how to create a website geared to hotel booking, providing you, the customer with the best and most efficient way of hotel booking.

Avrum has put together a team of travel experts, pooling their experience – to make yours that much faster, easier and more enjoyable.

Staybyus.com is open six days a week ready to help you.