Welcome to the new Travel Blog of HotelChevra.com

As anyone who browses the internet knows, travel is roaring back. After the lull (or shall we say the death?) of travel during the pandemic, travel has risen once more to its pre pandemic heights, and is poised to leap even higher. Having said that, we’re all ready to embark on our next trip once more. So what do I have to offer that will keep you up to date with the latest news on travel? 

It’s this : DON’T LISTEN TO ANY MORE ADVICE!  Travel writers have had two years in which to store up articles on every conceivable activity related to travel. Where to go, where to stay, how to get there, what to eat when you get there, how to stay awake on the plane , how to fall asleep on the plane, what to eat on the plane ( and of course – what NOT to drink on the plane).  We’ve been reading about the best luggage, the best neck pillow, the best eye mask, the best water bottles……..

Travel will always have its most wonderful and most boring moments. Traveling takes patience and with all the anxiety and apprehension related to traveling, we don’t need mountains of advice to stoke our fears of traveling. So what do we need? 

We need to just get up and go. Go with your best friend (if that happens to be your spouse – even better!) Go by yourself if you’ve been longing for some solitude after being cooped up in the house with a noisy family for months or years. Forget the best luggage or the best water bottle. Whatever you have will be fine. It is your gratefulness that once again we are free to explore the world that will make your trip memorable. 

I had a wonderful father who made a trip to the laundry room in the basement seem like an adventure.  He would walk with me to the elevator, we would descend to the gloomy basement, walk toward the bank of washing machines, and all of a sudden he would disappear. He would make a little chirping noise if he saw that I couldn’t find him, so I was never frightened, but I would look in all the nooks and crannies of that shadowy basement until he would step out from some little corner and hold out his hand for me to grasp. I learned early that every trip can be an adventure.

 A trip doesn’t need advice and you can embark on every trip with great confidence if you are going with someone whose company you enjoy, or going to meet someone whom you wish to see again. You might be traveling to see something that you will enjoy, like a painting, or beautiful scenery, that will help you keep a memory of beauty in your mind’s eye. But that is what will make your trip succeed. 

Let’s not kid ourselves, arriving somewhere and finding a clean, comfortable room to stay in and recover from the strain of traveling is what will make all the difference (and not because I work for HotelChevra.com) but we all know that at the end of a trip, all you want is a great hot shower or soak, and a deliciously welcoming comfortable bed. So of course, finding the right room at your budget level is paramount to a great trip. But with HotelChevra.com I don’t have to give you any advice because you’ve obviously come to the right place for your hotel booking without me. So have a great trip, get a great room and we’ll meet again next month. 

Your friend and fellow traveler,